Silicone emulsions for the printindustry

Sp² silicone emulsions have been registered industrial products since 1974.

From their beginning they have proved their value in the high quality sector of food packaging printing and are today known throughout the world.

The first use of Sp² emulsions in the graphic arts industry took place than more than 10 years ago. Numerous references document in particular the products' high quality and their flexibility when it comes to solving specific application problems.

To ensure the high quality standards, only raw materials from known manufacturers with whom    we have worked for many years are used. Only after intensive receiving quality inspection are    the components allowed into the production process. Every finished batch is checked and    samples are archived for a minimum of 2 years. Using our own emulsifiers lets us respond to    your needs most flexibly.

The range of Sp² silicone emulsions for the graphic arts industry includes more than 15
products. In addition however, our product engineers analyze every single customer application    and, if need be, adjust existing Sp² products to meet any particular requirements at short notice    - thanks also to the chemical techniques applied. Sp² products are characterized by their    extremely high stability, allowing for an even application without stripes and blotches.

With the Sp² silicone applied to the printed sheet, not only does the press operator achieve the required protection and brightness, but also furthers a professional print finishing at highest speeds. With Sp² silicone emulsions, the build-up on turner bars, commercial web printers often object to, is reduced to a minimum.

   Thanks to the cooperation with printcom, Sp² silicone emulsions can now be sold and
   distributed thoughout Europe. The response and delivery times have been adjusted to the    market requirements. Our technical support for commercial web appplications can be requested.