Working as a sales representative in the cork industry in the middle of the sixties, the Hamburg born Karl-Heinz Müller developed the Sp² paste and started the production of small batches for long time tests in his private garage.

1969   Sp² Paste was patented together with a new process for the treatment of corks

1974   Foundation of the new company by Karl-Heinz Müller in Lachen - Speyerdorf    references

1980   Transformation of the company to a GmbH. Registration of the brand name Sp² by the 
            German Patent Office. Moved to the ‘Moltkestrasse’ in the town Neustadt/Weinstrasse

1988   Construction of a modern industrial plant in the industrial area ‘Nachtweide’ in Neustadt,
            the today's corporate centre

1994   Appointment of Helmut Welz as the managing director and installation of a
            new emulsifying plant especially for silicones

2002   Enlargement of the storage capacity and installation of another, ultra-modern
            emulsifying plant

2004   Opening the new business premises 'Rhein-Main' in Bischofsheim close to the airport

2016   Relocation to Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, Mrs. Selig leaves the company

2018   Business unit cork is transferred to LA TECNOCHIMICA S.r.l., S.S. ASTI-MARE 26, 14041 AGLIANO TERME (AT) ITALIA