Silicon emulsions for the cork industry

The company´s history started with the patenting of a special paste named Sp² by the company’s founder Karl-Heinz Müller in 1969. Since the special paste consisted out of 2 components the brand name Sp² was born.

This market novelty in the field of surface coating of corks allowed a perfect corking of wine and champagne bottles as well as a smooth opening of the bottles by the final consumer.

  After several unsuccessful trials to commercialize his invention with other investors, Karl-Heinz   Müller finally founded his own company. In the following years Müller's patented paste   revolutionized the cork market and within a few years the trademark "Sp²" became   synonymously for cork coatings in the whole world.

  In the beginning of the eighties the offered products were predominantly on paraffin basis and   Müller recognized the advantages of silicones in connection with the continuously faster running   process of bottle corking.

Emulsifying of silicones - here Müller saw the future in the cork industry and acted:

Before he changed to the well-deserved retirement, he invested in a new emulsifying plant and managed to engage the silicone specialist Helmut Welz as a business partner. Since 1994 Helmut Welz and Elke Selig the daughter of the company founder are jointly conducting the business of the Müller GmbH.

Today the company produces its high quality emulsions for the printing industry only. Since 2017, products for the cork industry are produced and distributed worldwide by LA TECNOCHIMICA S.r.l., S.S. ASTI-MARE 26, 14041 AGLIANO TERME (AT) ITALIA